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Claims Settlement Policy


A person buys an insurance policy not only for the tangible financial security but also for a very critical and intangible advantage of peace of mind.

A small number of claims unfortunately do not get paid or paid partially often as a result of inadequate cover or lack of appropriate information and documents. It will assist if the customer provides adequate information when taking out the insurance to his broker so that he can arrange appropriate cover. In most cases the customer receives a cover note at the time of taking out the insurance. The customer id advised to obtain his policy with full schedule, terms and conditions and try to familiarize with them.

In case of a loss the claimant is advised to register the claim with the insurer or broker at the earliest possible and in any case not later than the time limit specified in the policy. The claimant can visit his broker or the nearest office of the insurer and give a written intimation of the claim. One can also call up the toll-free number to intimate his loss if provided. The claimant should leave the contact details and current mailing address to the insurer to facilitate speedy communication.

The broker or the insurer will provide a list of documents for processing the claim. Speedy submission of all the documents at one go will facilitate the processing of the claim.

The customer is advised to fully co-operate with the loss adjuster appointed by the insurance company and provide him with all the information sought for.

A customer is always welcome to our office to seek any clarification or assistance.