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MaxTravelSafe is a member of MaxCare series which was Introduced to provide the most efficient Travel Insurance coverage to the Global Tanzanian Travelers, with Policy being serviced abroad by M/s. MAPFRE – one of the most reputed service providers from Europe. The Network of MAPFRE is spread globally and can offer crucial support in case of any emergency covered as per policy terms and conditions. It is designed to be cost effective – in spite of the wide coverage. The policy has different plans to suit individual customer requirements depending on the nature as well as area of travel. The Plans cater to diverse community of travelers like Executives, Tourists, Pilgrims, Students etc.


  • Most efficient Travel Insurance cover for Tanzanians going abroad
  • Supported by the reputed service provider from Europe – MAPFRE
  • Worldwide cashless service network
  • Affordable premium rates
  • Wide range of plans for Executives, Tourists, Students & Pilgrims